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Biocides, pharmaceutical intermediates, photoinitiators and flavour and fragrance compounds.


Manufacturing to the highest quality standards Prom Chem Ltd offers a broad range of biocide formulations under its trade name PROMEX™ providing effective solutions to its customers' microbiological problems.

Prom Chem's key active PROMEX™ BIT is of uniquely high purity, producing clear light coloured solutions and white dispersions that are highly advantageous to the end user. This market leading quality is the product of a fully backintegrated manufacturing process ensuring a very cost effective active biocide.

PROMEX biocide users enjoy the support of Prom Chem's technical backup and service - including the new PROM™ ID Micro microbiological test kit, available only from Prom Chem.

Prom Chem is fully committed to complying with the European Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) and PROMEX™ BIT has been successfully notified. It has EPA registration.


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